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Oral Health Grant Program

At Delta Dental of Missouri, our passion and our purpose is to improve oral health for all ages.  We fulfill this mission in part through our oral health grant program. 


The objectives of the Delta Dental of Missouri Grant Program are to:

• Reduce oral disease through education, prevention and treatment.

• Ensure access to affordable, timely and high-quality dental health care.

• Enhance the awareness of good oral health with a focus on children, the indigent, and other underserved populations.

• Make a measurable difference in the oral health of Missourians, with an emphasis on underserved populations.

• Ensure that Missouri is among the states with the highest indicators of oral health.

Grants are generally awarded for

• Project/Program/Restricted 

• Capacity Building

• Equipment

• Preference will be given to proposals showing a dollar-for-dollar level of matching from other sources.


Minimum Grant Amount: $5,000 

Maximum Grant Amount: $100,000


All approved grants will be for a single year of support. Organizations should only submit one (1) grant request per organization within the application time frame. Additional requests will not be considered for funding. Grant funding is only guaranteed for the one-year grant term and does not necessarily indicate continuing support in subsequent years. 


Organizations receiving funding must: 

• Be a public charity classified as exempt from federal income taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; or

• Be a governmental entity or academic institution such as a not-for-profit school or health department.

• Serve individuals in the state of Missouri.

Click here to view the 2019 funding guidelines.

Application Process

The grants program is a two-stage process which consists of submitting a letter of inquiry and, if invited, submitting a full application.

1. Applicants submit a Letter of Inquiry through the online application system in accord with the directions by the stated deadline. E-mailed or hard copy Letters of Inquiry will not be accepted. The purpose of the Letter of Inquiry is to enable any organization to present a program or project to Delta Dental of Missouri staff for an initial review.

2. Staff reviews the online Letters of Inquiry; for those organizations meeting initial criteria, staff may conduct a meeting or site visit to determine if a project is ready to go forward with a full application.

3. Using the online application system, applicants submit completed grant applications and supporting documents (as requested) by the deadline. There are two oral health grant applications: Missouri Oral Health Grants and South Carolina Oral Health Grants. Applicants should choose the appropriate application based on the location of the individuals being served by the project/program. 

4. The Charitable Giving Committee evaluates each application and decides if grant funding will be awarded. Please note, some grant requests will be reviewed by the Charitable Giving Committee and if recommended will be sent to the Board of Directors for consideration.  The Board of Directors will review recommendations and make the final decision on grant funding. Delta Dental will communicate further details about the Board of Directors’ approval process if applicable.

Preview the Letter of Inquiry

Preview the Application


We are no longer accepting applications in 2019. 

Please check back in January for the 2020 Oral Health Grant program deadlines. 


Please note: Your Letter of Inquiry (LOI) will be reviewed within two weeks of submission to determine if the program/project is ready to move forward with a full application.  The LOI due date is the final date LOIs can be submitted to be considered for the grant cycle.

For any additional questions about the application process or using the online application system, please contact Stacy Harris at 314-543-4942 or