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Producer FAQs

What is the minimum group size for a DeltaVision® plan?

DeltaVision requires a minimum of 2 employees enrolled in a program.

What benefit plan options are available through DeltaVision®?

DeltaVision offers multiple plans to meet the unique needs of your client. We offer eye health plans for a wide range of companies – from employers with at least 2 employees – up to and including the largest employers. Please visit our Vision Plan Options page to learn more.

How many providers are in the DeltaVision® network?

With the Superior Vision National network, your clients and their employees will have access to one of the largest and most diverse provider networks in the nation: 100,000 access points with an exceptional combination of independent providers and retail locations.

How can I reach a sales representative?

For Missouri, send an email to For South Carolina, send an email to

How do I get appointed to sell DeltaVision®?

For more information on how to sell DeltaVision, please visit our Contracting and Appointments page. For Missouri, click here. For South Carolina, click here.