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Make Flossing Fun for Kids

May 08, 2014

If you’re struggling to get your child into a good dental routine, try something different – make flossing fun!

It’s not only important for children to brush their teeth twice daily; flossing helps prevent cavities between teeth. The earlier you can get your children to floss, the easier it will be for them to make it a lifelong habit.

  • Use a fun flossing chart: Give your child stickers or colorful markers to plot their progress each month.
  • Tell a story: Make up a story with floss as the hero battling the bad bacteria in your mouth. Pretend floss sticks are swords that destroy the leftover food particles stuck between teeth.
  • Listen to music: Play silly songs with a rhythmic beat. It will make the time go by more quickly for kids as they brush and floss.
  • Play counting games: Help your child learn to floss and count at the same time! Have them look closely in the mirror and count their teeth as they floss.
  • Give kids their own floss: Arm your little ones with easy-to-use floss sticks, available in the dental care aisle. They come in bright colors and with friendly characters that kids will love!
  • Floss together: Make flossing part of your bedtime routine. Don’t forget, flossing is good for grownups too!

Learn more about why regular brushing and flossing is important and what type of floss is best.

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