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Floss Your Braces with Grace

March 01, 2015

There’s a popular misconception that people who wear braces have a difficult time flossing their teeth. 

Flossing is an important part of dental hygiene and shouldn’t be neglected…no matter how challenging the task! In children and adults who wear braces, particles are more likely to be trapped in the bands and wires. This puts them at an increased cavity risk. 

People tend to neglect oral care when they are hard pressed for time, especially those with braces. Take the time to properly care for teeth now so they can be at their best when braces are removed. 

Flossing with braces:

It may be bit tricky at first, but once you start practicing you’ll be a flossing pro before you know it. Follow these simple instructions: 

  • There are products that have been made specially to clean around the braces. Make use of dental tape or waxed floss with a threader, as unwaxed kinds can get trapped in the wires.
  • Be sure to use about 18 inches of floss for proper cleaning.
  • Thread the floss through the main wire as you would thread a needle.
  • Be careful while threading the floss under the wires before passing it between two teeth.
  • Re-thread for the next pair of teeth.
  • Try and avoid snapping of the floss. With gentle upward and downward movements move it along the sides of the tooth.
  • For younger kids, parents can help with the flossing, as they may not be able to thread properly. 

Need more tips? Ask your dentist!

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